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writer, editor, analyst, project manager


Asian Development Bank, Asian Development Bank Institute, United Nations, Innovations for Poverty Action, Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project, Getty Research Institute


since 2006


consulting jobs and research projects

Project: This report provides an update on Aid for Trade initiatives in the Asia Pacific, highlighting the ongoing and evolving need for trade support to help the region overcome the global crisis and to bring lagging nations up to speed.

Role: Researched, analyzed, and wrote on aid flows and trade growth performance of developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region for the report, advocating for more aid for trade. Wrote and synthesized case studies and policy briefs for the report.

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Project: The formation of a Regional Technical Group (RTG) on Aid for Trade in the Asia–Pacific was a key recommendation from the Aid for Trade Regional Review Meeting in Manila in September 2007. The recommendation was presented at the First Global Aid for Trade Review Meeting in Geneva in November 2007 and is a part of the 2009 World Trade Organization (WTO) Aid for Trade Roadmap.

This report was prepared from inputs and feedback from RTG members who have devoted their me and resources to discussing Aid for Trade issues, sharing good practices, taking stock of analytical work, and participating in RTG meetings held in Manila (March 2009) Bangkok (November 2009) and Tokyo (May 2010). The preparations of the RTG report also benefited from external consultations at the WTO, APEC, and other fora. At the 4th RTG meeting, a work plan for 2011-2012 was prepared.

Role: Wrote initial drafts and consolidated technical inputs and feedback from consultation meetings with stakeholders.

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Project: Recognizing the potential for accelerating South Asian regional cooperation and integration, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) joined hands to explore key issues concerning trade facilitation and other impediments to private sector–led development and integration in South Asia. This paper identifies these important issues and suggests actionable proposals for dealing with them.

Role: Served as lead writer and researcher.

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Project: Research on the economic cooperation between East Asia and South Asia.

Role: Managed the final stages of the manuscript preparation process, helping edit chapters in the book and checking technical analysis and figures.

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Project: Case studies on the economic cooperation between East Asia and South Asia.

Role: Managed the final stages of the manuscript preparation process, helping edit chapters in the book and checking technical analysis and figures.

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Project: This book reviews various surveys of East Asian exporters concerning the growing proliferation of free trade agreements, overlapping regulations and requirements, and implications for the future of the multilateral trading system.

Role: Co-authored the chapter on the Philippine country study, analyzing all cross-country data and producing charts, tables, and graphs. Reviewed the data analysis for all included country studies. Managed and coordinated the manuscript preparation and editing process.

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Project: Policy brief on free trade agreements.

Role: Provided technical inputs and data analysis.

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Project: A study evaluating the impact of FTAs, particularly the 15-year-old ASEAN Free Trade Area agreement (AFTA), on business activity in the Philippines.

Role: Co-authored the paper and provided statistical data analysis using STATA (probit regression modeling on FTA use and business costs).

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Project: Asia Regional Integration Center (ARIC) website

Role: Provided content and research blurbs for the ARIC ( website from 2008-2010.

Project: Randomized control trial (RCT) impact evaluations of financial access initiatives in the Philippines, covering 100,000+ households. Projects: (i) “Impact of Group vs. Individual Liability Lending” (with Green Bank, Inc. and University of San Carlos). Investigators: Dean Karlan (Yale University) and Xavier Giné (World Bank); (ii) “Impact of Credit with Health Insurance” (with Green Bank, Inc. and PhilHealth). Investigators: Dean Karlan (Yale University) and Jonathan Zinman (Dartmouth University); (iii) “Impact of Financial Training on Microfinance Clients” (with Fair Bank, Inc., using Freedom from Hunger modules. Investigators: Dean Karlan (Yale University) and Andrew Leigh (Australian National University); and (iv) “Credit Scoring and Interest-Rate Study” (with First Macro Bank). Investigators: Dean Karlan (Yale University) and Jonathan Zinman (Dartmouth University).

Role: Enforced monitoring and evaluation frameworks with partner organizations to ensure compliance with experiment protocols and to vet the integrity of all data and data collection. Devised procedures to identify and investigate data reporting inconsistencies and implementation problems. Wrote monitoring reports on the progress of evaluations and recommended potential areas for expansion. Trained and managed 25+ support staff, including project assistants, enumerators, field supervisors, and encoders on experiment protocols. Ensured adherence to human subjects protection protocols. Helped prepare grant applications and donor reports to USAID, AUSAID, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Prepared budgets ranging from $50,000 to $150,000 per project.

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Project: Sample of a research project manual.

Role: Wrote and integrated updates to the project manual, refining protocols and elaborating on research findings and analysis methods.

Project: Internship at the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA).

Role: Co-wrote two reports, including the Early Warning–Early Action Report (July-October 2006) for the Asia-Pacific region and the Humanitarian Early Warning Analysis Methodology and Framework Handbook, a draft field guide on conducting early warning assessments of humanitarian crises. Wrote the 2006 Early Warning Country Analysis report on the Philippines and updated Country Fact Sheets on Cambodia, Lao PDR, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, and Myanmar.

Project: Sample of an Early Warning Report.

Role: Wrote and prepared report for the Asia-Pacific division of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA)

Project: This paper documents independent research on a microenterprise development program in the Philippines I undertook from 2006 to 2007. “Remittances and microenterprise development are often discussed separately in the development literature and rarely examined as co-development tools that work in tandem. Yet they share many similarities. Migrants move in response to market failures—missing or high barrier credit markets—similar justifications made for microfinance. MFI-led SME development is one way to harness remittances in a more targeted way. Unlad Kabayan Migrant Services Foundation in the Philippines is employing this strategy through their Migrant Savings for Alternative Investment (MSAI) program. MSAI equips returning Filipino migrant workers with the capital (acquired through pooled savings groups and credit) and business education/technical training to start or invest in social enterprises: businesses that are market-oriented and profitable, but have a social impact, benefiting families and communities. Given how the programs and geographic scope are expanding, it is necessary to examine MSAI for sustainability and impact.”

Role: Researched and visited MSAI social enterprises and business incubation and training programs; interviewed SME development beneficiaries, project area coordinators, enterprise developers/trainers, and credit officers. Sites visited: Rice mill center, coco coir processing plant (with export of baled fibers to China), integrated farms, livestock programs, virgin coconut oil production, co-op rural health clinic, cooperatives.

Project: This report was produced by the Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project (NEDAP), on behalf of the NYC Immigrant Financial Justice Network. Access to fair and affordable financial services is a critical economic justice issue facing immigrant New Yorkers. In 2006, the Network designed and implemented a city-wide Immigrant Banking Survey to increase understanding about immigrant New Yorkers' financial services experiences and needs. This report provides detailed findings and includes recommendations for expanding equitable financial services access in immigrant communities.

Role: Volunteered as a surveyor, distributing questionnaires to immigrant communities in Manhattan and Queens, New York.

Project: Getty Museum research databases on terms for the study of art, architecture, and material culture, including the Union List of Artist Names (ULAN), the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names (TGN), and the Art and Architecture Thesaurus (AAT).

Role: Researched and wrote content for the ULAN, TGN, and AAT, focusing on terms for Southeast Asia.