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since 2010


editorial client work

Project: Nonprofits play an undeniably critical and integral role in American life. Given the size of the nonprofit sector and its integral place in society, it is not enough to mean well—and certainly not enough to do well anymore. The sector now faces numerous and significant challenges as it struggles with an impending leadership deficit as current leaders retire, many being baby boomers, and organizations must compete with other sectors for talent; a slowdown in fundraising as donations and government funding dry up; and internal inefficiency problems, as it wrestles with a lack of impact driven metrics and indicators, financial inefficiencies, and lack of effective complimentary strategic planning. Amidst these obstacles, the nonprofit sector will have to innovate to survive and regain its footing. These papers outline some key ingredients to establishing a blueprint for change and describe how nonprofit accelerators can play a role in helping the right organizations.

Role: Researched and wrote all content and text for the white papers as ghostwriter.

Project: 218-page book on emotional intelligence and positive psychology for Six Seconds ( Where other books ‘tell’ about emotional intelligence, this book discusses practical, proven strategies based on current neuroscience and decades of real-world experience to making changes to your health, relationships, and career.

Role: Provided all research and developmental editing for the manuscript.

Project: 168-page book on social media strategies for political campaigns (Pendant Publishing, 2011). At the heart of the social revolution in politics today is the scale and accessibility of the technology that under-girds it. Different from the past, political campaigns, both local and national, can now propel candidates into office by banking on social media’s vast infrastructure. This book discusses how campaigns stay ahead of the curve by utilizing social media tools and strategies.

Role: Researched, wrote, and edited all text and content as ghostwriter.

Project: 378-page book for Safer Healthcare ( This book is a comprehensive guide to the history, development and implementation of Crew Resource Management (CRM) in healthcare settings. It assembles the growing body of research, best practices, success stories and other information in order to explain, in one volume, the what, why, and how of CRM and its documented contribution to patient safety and high reliability performance.

Role: Researched and wrote content as ghostwriter.

Project: Report on social media marketing and coupon campaigns for CouponFollow (

Role: Provided content development, editing, and layout design for the report.

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Project: 176-page lifestyle guide and memoir on balancing work, family, and community (self-published, CreateSpace, 2011).

Role: Documented all case studies and personal experiences discussed in the book and wrote and edited all text and content as ghostwriter. Designed PR and publicity materials related to the book for author’s website.

Project: Blog articles for SurfEasy (

Role: Wrote several detailed posts on social media and technology topics.

Project: Blog and web content for Cali Apartment (, a travel website.

Role: Researched and wrote all travel-related content.

Project: PowerPoint presentation for Global Link Associates (, a Japanese research firm.

Role: Researched U.S. e-commerce and t-commerce trends. Conducted all research and provided analysis, creating figures, tables, and slide layout for the presentation.

Project: E-book on running and marathon training strategies for the Best Running Tips website (

Role: Provided content development for the e-book.