Salon des Refuses

a creative expression group


The “Salon des Refuses,” or Exhibition of Rejects, is a venue for community members to meet and share any moment of “poetry”—anything that has made them feel alive, that stuck in their craw, that made them cry, that surprised them in some way.

The word “poetry” shares common roots with the Greek word “poiesis,” which roughly refers to the act of bringing something into creation. To the Ancient Greeks, the idea of poetry was less about the tangible production of an object. Instead, it was meant to refer to any act that created beauty or allowed people to engage with the world. It could be a burst of creativity, inspiration, moment-creating, when something new was brought forth into the world. The world is full of beauty and surprise and it is often found in the smallest and most unexpected places. Having a safe space to share those moments with others builds a sense of community and belonging, fosters self awareness and creativity, and invites a fresh way of experiencing the world.

How it will be different:

The Salon will be distinctly different from a traditional support group where attendees share something personal and engage in guided dialogue and discussion. Instead, the goal for this group will be to simply share and speak. With so many of us feeling voiceless, we think the act of speaking and sharing out loud can be, by itself, a powerful act. The Salon will also be less formal than a typical art exhibit and more in the spirit of an informal open mic.

The name Salon des Refuse was chosen with intention. In this space, we seek to create a safe container of bravery and non-judgment, encouraging ourselves and others to share the meaningful creative expressions that inevitably link us to the things that feel sacred–the things we so often believe reflect our inadequacies and should be hidden away. With the Salon, we want to create a supportive space that allows people to come together and share and celebrate what inspires and moves us. We want to welcome any and all forms this may take, especially the ones we anxiously feel belong in the trash.

How it will work:

Attendees sit in a circle. The facilitator then goes around the circle, round-robin style. Each person can pass or share or read something for 3-5 minutes. No need for a preamble or explanation. We go around the circle as many times as time allows.

Examples of what could be shared include:

  1. * Something one wrote (a poem, letter, essay, journal entry, email, to do list, passing recorded thought, etc.)
  2. * Something one has read (a book excerpt, poem, essay, article, quote, song lyric, label off a bottle, etc.)
  3. * Any kind of artistic expression (drawing, doodle, sculpture, story, craft, painting, song, etc.).



Weekly until further notice

Meeting over Zoom until further notice. E-mail Kara at for details.